Welcome Liam Cole 12.16.13


My son Liam Cole was born on December 16, he weighed 6 lb 15 oz and was 18 inches. His original due date was December 29, but he surprised us and arrived two weeks early. Thankfully labor and delivery was not as awful and scary as anticipated. Not wanting to get to the hospital too early, I waited out the contractions at home as long as possible. By the time I got to the hospital I was already 6cm dilated. I had decided beforehand getting the epidural was the best decision for me, but did not want to get it too early on. I waited until 8 cm to get the epidural, and although it immediately took away the pain of the contractions, I did not like the way it made me feel. After the epideral, everything progressed smoothly, and a few hours later Liam was in my arms. Although I was fortunate to have a smooth delivery, the night returning home from the hospital my feet were starting to swell. By the morning my face, eyes, feet, and legs were all swollen and my blood pressure was high. I went into the ER and was diagnosed with preclampsia and admitted to the ICU to receive magnesium sulfate to prevent me from having a seizure. The medication had awful side effects and it was heart breaking being away from Liam so soon after birth.

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks now, but have not had a chance to sit down to write it. while I feel completely blessed to be a mother, the first month has been challenging. It took awhile to recover from the preclampsia and feel normal again, and on top of that we learned Liam has severe reflux. His reflux causes him a lot of discomfort and he spits up large amounts throughout the day. We have been having a really difficult time finding somewhere safe and comfortable for him to sleep since he absolutely can not lie flat on his back. We have tried everything and he still wiggles in pain and ends up spitting up all over himself. It has been heart breaking not being able to make him comfortable, and also exhausting since we really are not sleeping at night. I was hoping by now to have more of a routine down, but with his reflux it has been really difficult. If anyone has dealt with a baby with reflux issues I would love to hear any suggestions or things that worked for you. Although it has been exhausting and challenging, I am still so in love with my little man and enjoy every single second with him.

Neutral – 36 weeks


Hive and Honey Vegan Leather Jacket | Zara Booties | Zara Top | Oia Jules Necklace | Chloe Bag Small Version Here | Genetic Denim Jeans

Time has been flying by recently and after hitting the 36 week mark on Saturday I am starting to get a little nervous. There is still so much to do in preparation for the baby, not to mention I have not officially picked out a name yet.  Picking a boys name has been a huge challenge for me and I only hope I can find one soon!

My belly really grew in the past week and most of my tops are too short to wear at this point. I have been keeping most of my outfits simple and comfortable from day to day. Not wanting to spend a lot on Maternity clothes, so far I have bought some maternity T-shirts from target and the belly band have been a life saver. Mostly, I have been sticking to regular tops and dresses one size up to compensate for my bump.