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My son Liam Cole was born on December 16, he weighed 6 lb 15 oz and was 18 inches. His original due date was December 29, but he surprised us and arrived two weeks early. Thankfully labor and delivery was not as awful and scary as anticipated. Not wanting to get to the hospital too early, I waited out the contractions at home as long as possible. By the time I got to the hospital I was already 6cm dilated. I had decided beforehand getting the epidural was the best decision for me, but did not want to get it too early on. I waited until 8 cm to get the epidural, and although it immediately took away the pain of the contractions, I did not like the way it made me feel. After the epideral, everything progressed smoothly, and a few hours later Liam was in my arms. Although I was fortunate to have a smooth delivery, the night returning home from the hospital my feet were starting to swell. By the morning my face, eyes, feet, and legs were all swollen and my blood pressure was high. I went into the ER and was diagnosed with preclampsia and admitted to the ICU to receive magnesium sulfate to prevent me from having a seizure. The medication had awful side effects and it was heart breaking being away from Liam so soon after birth.

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks now, but have not had a chance to sit down to write it. while I feel completely blessed to be a mother, the first month has been challenging. It took awhile to recover from the preclampsia and feel normal again, and on top of that we learned Liam has severe reflux. His reflux causes him a lot of discomfort and he spits up large amounts throughout the day. We have been having a really difficult time finding somewhere safe and comfortable for him to sleep since he absolutely can not lie flat on his back. We have tried everything and he still wiggles in pain and ends up spitting up all over himself. It has been heart breaking not being able to make him comfortable, and also exhausting since we really are not sleeping at night. I was hoping by now to have more of a routine down, but with his reflux it has been really difficult. If anyone has dealt with a baby with reflux issues I would love to hear any suggestions or things that worked for you. Although it has been exhausting and challenging, I am still so in love with my little man and enjoy every single second with him.


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  1. Congratulations on your precious boy! No advice as I’m not a parent, but I hope that you can figure out the reflux soon and get some rest!

  2. I understand how difficult it must be! When my son was born last year, we used this rocker from Fisher-price to help his reflux. He seems a little more comfortable in there after feeding. Also we elevated the head size of all surfaces he was lying on, like changing pad, cradle mattress, crib mattress. That seemed to help as well. The doctor suggested smaller and more frequent feedings. Also try different bottles to see which one works better for your baby. Hang in there, time will go by fast, and he will eventually grow out of all these problems soon.

  3. Congrats on your new arrival and these images are so beautiful! Motherhood is worth every single sleepless night and don’t worry you’ll learn the tricks with time :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  4. First of all, he is just beautiful. Congrats to you and your family! What a sweetie! I am sorry to hear that you had such difficulties after the birth. I am sure it was hard to not be by your baby, but I am glad that you are healthier now. My daughter had horrible colic and reflux when she was newborn. She did the projectile vomit thing regularly and constantly wanted to be held because being put down hurt her little belly so much. I totally feel you. I found that the best option for us was to let her sleep propped up on her Boppie in the crib. This helped cradle her in the crib and gave her some tilt for her belly. When she was about six months or so (able to eat baby food and experiment with different ones), things were much better for her. Now she is healthy, happy and HUGE for her age. Have patience and faith. I hope things go smoother in future. If not, have faith. It will get better.

    • Thank you for the suggestion, we propped the crib mattress, but having something to make him feel secure would probably help! so glad your little one is doing so great now!

  5. Congrats! My best friend had the same reflux issues and ended up going to get him adjusted at the chiropractor? Totally helped:)

  6. Congrats to you and hubby! He is adorable. My daughter suffered from reflux as well with frequent vomiting. I remember the first time it happened she was laying flat and milk even came out of her nose and she couldn’t breath, and her face was beat red…very scary for me. This was 14 years ago and all I can remember is that there were plenty of nights where she slept propped up in her car seat on top of our bed. We were so sleep deprived and it was the only option that offered some comfort at night. Small frequent feedings helped with frequent burps in between helped as well. We had her in a stationary swing for an hour after each feeding. I initially started with Avent bottles and switched several times until I ended with with the Playtex ones with disposable liners. Which seemed to produce less gas. It really is a trial and error process to find what will work best but hang in there, I promise it will get better. Oh I remember when she was a little older I did add a bit of rice cereal to her milk as well. Your pediatrician may even decide to put him on acid reflux meds if it doesn’t appear to get better. Praying that this phase will pass soon so you and hubby can get some rest.

  7. I’m sorry it’s been a tough go Sarah and I hope you find ways to help Liam (and get some sleep!). Congratulations, you have a beautiful family!

  8. p.s. The title lettering looks very nice if I do say so myself : )

  9. My friend used the Rock and Play for the first three months. She also put her daughter on the reflux meds at about 10 weeks, I believe. It gets a LOT easier. I know that’s not really very helpful to hear during the long, long, long first days and (even longer) nights, but it will. Congratulations and sorry about the postpartum drama. Oye. I delivered my second in August and I pulled a muscle in my ass four days after. Stupidest injury ever! Anyway, enjoy those first moments and take each day as it comes.

  10. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! He’s so precious.

    – Sarah :)

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