Neutral – 36 weeks


Hive and Honey Vegan Leather Jacket | Zara Booties | Zara Top | Oia Jules Necklace | Chloe Bag Small Version Here | Genetic Denim Jeans

Time has been flying by recently and after hitting the 36 week mark on Saturday I am starting to get a little nervous. There is still so much to do in preparation for the baby, not to mention I have not officially picked out a name yet.  Picking a boys name has been a huge challenge for me and I only hope I can find one soon!

My belly really grew in the past week and most of my tops are too short to wear at this point. I have been keeping most of my outfits simple and comfortable from day to day. Not wanting to spend a lot on Maternity clothes, so far I have bought some maternity T-shirts from target and the belly band have been a life saver. Mostly, I have been sticking to regular tops and dresses one size up to compensate for my bump.


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  1. you look gorgeous! love this Fall looks! Congrats on 36 weeks :)

    love from San Francisco,

  2. i looked like a whale at 36 weeks… are absolutely stunning!!!!!

  3. You look gorgeous!! I love this outfit on you! If I was walking behind you I wouldn’t even know you were pregnant

  4. You look absolutely adorable!
    I remember being so nervous with my first one towards the end of my pregnancy…all sorts of silly things running through my mind. And then out comes the baby, your life changes, and you realized you really didn’t need to be worrying about all those things in the first place because you just have to take things as they come…and not everything comes all at once like I had been thinking it would! And then you can’t remember life before your child was born, and really you don’t even want to!!

  5. You look beautiful! Wish you all the best and take care! :-)

  6. I have the same boots too and I totally love it! Mine’s in black.
    I see that you’re going into a different phase in life and embrace it darling. I’m so happy for you =)

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  7. You look so beautiful! I can only hope that I look this great when I’m that pregnant. Love the outfit… you make maternity chic!

    – Sarah :)

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