Spring Flats

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{Zara flat jelly sandals & Lace ballerina flats, Topshop studded loafers}

Flats has been on my list of things to buy for spring. A couple weeks ago two of my favorite flats broke with in days of eachother and quickly made me realize how badly I needed some new ones. These are a few pairs I bought to recently to wear for spring/summer.  You truly can never have too many stylish comfy flats.


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  1. Love all of them but I think my favorite is the cream one with the studs.


  2. I really need more flats, love the Zara sandals!

  3. I loooooooooooove the cream ones!

  4. love the second shoes!


  5. I love and want all of them!


  6. gorgeous! can’t wait to see what outfits you pair them with!!

  7. Ooh love them, the studded ones are gorgeous xx

  8. all of them are lovely.. love the 1st one tho

  9. LOVE the Zara jelly sandals. They’ve been on my wishlist for a little while & after seeing them a few different places I think they’ve officially moved to the top.

  10. Love the studded loafers!

  11. Love the girly/edgy details on the shoes, they are all so pretty.

  12. Sigh…they are all gorgeous! I love the Zara pairs in particular. Flats are my weakness. Comfy and cute!

  13. Love all of them:))


  14. Ah I saw the instagram snap of those studded loafers and fell in love! They suit your style so perfectly. Can’t wait to head to Zara and try to hunt down those sandals too…I need some so desperately!

    Alexandra xo


  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shoes!! I’m just in love with the sandals!


  16. Wow, I loooove these flats! They’re all so beautiful!!:)

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia’s Little Corner

  17. I’ll take all of them, PLEASE!!! :) These are the best flats I’ve seen in ages!



  18. Adoring those jelly sandals with the little silver studs and black and ankle straps. they are soooooooo chic and look designer!

    <3 Cambria

  19. love the zara flats!! great blog new follower hope i can get a follow back x


  20. Gorgeous flats! I only wear flats and heels.

    xo Jo


  21. I LOVE the Zara flats! Zara has the best in clothing and shoes.



  22. so true! one can never have enough shoes :)<3
    I've found your blog just right now, love it!

    xx claude//imaginethewallows.blogspot.com

  23. Gorgeous flats – I love the lace one. Flats are the best kind of shoes ever invented and I can’t leave home without a pair (I can’t bare walking in heels for 2 hours + so flats are lifesavers!).

  24. Very good ideas i´ll be back soon!

  25. i adore all of them so much, it’s hard to say which i like best!
    i definately need to head to zara soon!


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