City Lights

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{Red Valentino dress, Marc Cain faux fur coat C/O, Vintage bag, Christian Louboutin boots, Forever 21 Bracelets}

There is something really gorgeous about the way a city lights up at night. These photos were taken before a night on the town in Paris.


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  1. You had me a red soles! Gorgeous lighting…you look beautiful!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  2. Oh so gorgeous..perfect mix of elegance and fun! Perfect for a night out in Paris :)

  3. What a glamorous look, in love!

  4. This skirt and jacket are stunning. I love city lights!

  5. nice look. of course the boots are smokin’!!

    B So Chic!™

  6. This outfit is sheer perfection. I love every single detail.

  7. I love city lights as well! And those red bottoms are hot! Love your leopard coat!


  8. Ooooh la la! Love it!

    Very chic. Love how you mixed designer with high street. <3 xo

  9. The faux fur coat and dress make you look like a modern day fairy tale. x

  10. beautiful!!!! and i love your shoes! <3333

  11. so magical! I love this look!! chic…glamorous! boots…to die for.


  12. You are beautiful. One of my dreams is to go to Paris.

  13. Ohhh…these photos remind me of the holidays! Enjoy Paris…i can’t wait to visit again :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
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  14. The red soles are so pretty :)

  15. love the bracelets and jacket!

  16. Amazing images! Love the outfit.

  17. I adore your boots,they are so classy ,just like the rest of your outfit


  18. That red back of the shoes… So sexy and chic!

  19. You look so sophisticated & classy! The leopard print faux fur coat & the dress go so well together :)


  20. i can’t think of a more perfect outfit to wear on the town in paris. you look gorgeous and the outfit is so chic and glam. love it.

    i hope your weekend is magical! ♥

  21. Beyond gorgeous, love that yo glamed it up with the fur coat. You look amazing!



  22. Beautiful photos!! You have such a nice blog!
    Definitely following!


  23. this is absolutely gorgeous! looks so picturesque. beautiful blog!!:)

  24. These photos look like the before beginning to a magical night in Paris.

  25. I like what you post.
    i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

  26. wow, your looks are stunning <3 i feel so flattered for having someone like you visit my blog.
    hope you can visit more often :)

  27. thanks for your comment honey!
    I’m loving all your pictures so will follow u right now 😛

  28. You look gorgeous my dear! I love that leopard fur coat. Such a pretty and chic look. Have a great weekend.

  29. These are awesome pictures!!!

  30. This outfit is so beautiful. Im in love.

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